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Reprieve by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:22 am

by Denver Fredericks

Start the plot lay the boundaries
The boy has just been given a reprieve
Something unexpected undeserved
Overwrought beyond wildest belief
I have always wanted this dreamt
But this has overshadowed Conceive
We however need to sit down talk
For the wasted time to be retrieved

Need to now set the stage forecast
The nature the emotive make up and take
Don?t get me wrong and misconstrue
The need to rectify I will not Forsake
I know that this is a journey not a reset
And I am not asking for a Remake
Just a time a place a touching word
No more than my fair share of the cake

it has taken a few lives the misadventures
a lonely man but not unwarranted or cared
please offer the get out of jail free card
open the communication currently shared
all I even wanted the way I was born
to be loved to be held and to be paired
sometimes it hurts to want too much
just want so much for you too care

no that I can?t do too much to sacrifice
please you need to stop I?m too scared
also I have new situations and obligations
and not for that will those be marred
so I don?t prefer this line of advancement
would rather be feathered and tarred
you not what I need this is an illusion
not your game you have no cards

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2005

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