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Temperance by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:55 am

by Denver Fredericks

Waited again today, patiently waited
So many promises and promises of promises
Yet we wait a bit longer a bit more
Just to see someone fulfill their promise

Another unenviable decision to be made
Gamble hard gamble long or go home
But the longer we stall the harder it becomes
The choice would be easier if I had a clone

Lost with a world filled with directions
Stuck but all other needs have been catered
This world has the ability to keep and sustain
My past life has been very highly rated

Now we try again the end of another week
The start of the current cycle we shrug
All that is available is laughing at life
Taking all in our stride no long looking mug

All is good in the scheme of things
We give thanks for the lessons and our life
We can only grow by trials and tribulations
We learn to live on the edge of a knife

So I have grown will get all my desires
We just working on my timing issues
Tend to expect too much too soon for him
And his grace I won?t try and misuse

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2005

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