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GRANDPA - By Claude Peter Dhuet

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GRANDPA - By Claude Peter Dhuet

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Mon May 29, 2006 4:15 pm

Claude Peter Dhuet

Everyone knew what "du rien" meant-
In nineteen thirty two-
In the community where grandpa lived-
Twas a time before most of you..

It was after the crash of twenty nine-
These were the days of really hard times-
When the famous expression was born-
"Brother can you spare a dime".

Grandpa was a farmer-
And an excellent blacksmith too-
One of the very lucky ones-
With no money overdue.

He had no mortgage on his farm-
Every square acre of land he owned-
All due to the gallons of sweat he shed-
So he could call the farm his home.

He lived in South Louisiana-
Where French was the spoken word-
Although he was an Englishman-
Mostly from his lips French words were heard.

He only charged, those in the community-
Who could afford his blacksmith skill-
And to those who could not, he never refused-
There was never the mention of a bill.

Those who could not afford, out of courtesy-
Would ask -"how much do I owe you"-
The answer they knew was always the same-
"DU RIEN, there is nothing due".

The expression in French for "nothing due"-
A phrase that he used often then-
Is the simple words "du rien"-
"I’m glad to help you, my friend".

He now resides in heaven-
On a little farm of his own-
For the Bible was his guide in life-
And the Lord his very own.

And when he asked-"How much do I owe you"-
"For my little farm on high"-
The answer came back - "DU RIEN, nothing due".
Christ the Savior paid the price for you".

By Claude Peter Dhuet
May 2006

Note: The year 1932 was chosen for convenience. All of the years in the thirties were depressed years. It was not until after WWII that the economy began to improve.

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Claude Peter Dhuet

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