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Your Hand I'll Hold by Robin (RL) Thomas

Postby RLThomas » Wed May 10, 2006 10:55 pm

Your Hand I'll Hold
Robin Thomas

I saw a butterfly today, then in that instant
I was reminded of you.
Of the way you used to brush my hair,
simple things we used to do.
I heard your laughter in a crowd today,
with you I turned to laugh.
Your weren't there when I spun around,
not in the physical half.
The telephone rang at five a.m., I thought,
okay Mom, now I'm awake!
But it wasn't your voice that I surprised,
I wish I hadn't made that mistake.
I woke up with a song on my mind,
now all day it's been stuck in my head.
'Mamma's little baby love shortnin, shortnin,
Mamma's little baby love shortnin bread'.
My daughter looked at me once,
with a familiar expression upon her face.
She soaked up all she could of me,
as if I'd vanish without a trace.
I know that look quite well
that's how I recognized the look on her.
Her Mother's face was imprinted there
in her memory, of that I'm sure.
I thank the Lord, for you, each day
that I am reminded in some small fashion.
To give my daughter what you gave me;
love, understanding, and compassion.
I miss you daily, think of you often,
Roxy and I sing our song together.
I brush her hair, we laugh, I smile,
and I hold her hand in stormy weather.
Someday we'll walk amidst the the angels
on Mrs.Rilla's street as I've been told.
We'll pass her in her rocker,
we'll laugh out loud,
you'll brush my hair,
your hand I'll hold.

Robin Thomas
Copyright 2006


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