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Conspiracy Theorists, by David Kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sat May 06, 2006 6:31 am

Some folks prefer to spend their lives alone
To seek a secret reason for events well-known,
They like to think of things that powers thus devise
Allegedly behind some walls; away from prying eyes.

They think that nothing happens just like that,
And suits create the badness of combat,
Of terrorism, disasters, storms and their ilk,
So innocents they thus can milk.

I say that rarely they deal with a plot,
And very probably most often thus than not,
It's opportunism, just an old and simple trait
To profit from another's doleful fate.

And rarely you have a boardroom where,
Conspiracies are wrought by some billionaire,
But rather, he can see an opportunity
From fated things to profit with impunity.

But still, night after night behind the screens,
The theorists see sinister machines,
Dark strategies and secret meetings where,
The world is being shoved to dark despair.

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