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The Stages of my Life by Bernie Howe

Postby Story Guy » Fri Apr 07, 2006 8:16 am

The Stages of my Life
by Bernard J. Howe

When I was just a young boy,
with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I used to run and play all day,
beneath the deep blue skies.

For I had not a single worry,
Mom and Dad took care me.
Then I grew up and went away,
and with the navy I sailed the sea.

Then I married my wife in 66,
and raised two children of my own.
Mom and Dad still helped me out,
with many of life?s unknown.

Then my children all grew up,
and Mom and Dad grew old.
It seemed that the roles reversed,
now I was the wisest of our fold.

Then one day Mom passed on,
and Dad was left here all alone.
I use to make sure he was alright,
every night when I would phone.

We talked about the times we lived,
and how Mom could make us smile.
We talked about the Love we had,
how our lives were all worthwhile.

Now my Fathers gone with Mom,
and I'm left here as life goes on.
I feel that they are still guiding me,
and that they're not truly gone.

Life's lessons that were taught to me,
that now I pass on to mine.
My children and their children's lives,
does somehow seem to intertwine.

Life has many splendid memories,
and stages through which we pass.
And when our time comes for us to go
hopefully we've done it with some class.

Bernard J. Howe
April 2006
Story Guy

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