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Blood and Water, by David Kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sun Mar 19, 2006 7:25 am

Blood is not always much thicker than water:
Daddy and shaver, or Mommy and daughter,
Brother and sister, and nephew and niece
Seldom abide by the canons of peace.

Parents may give you all kinds of attention.
Some, though, may see you as their "extension".
Few will be happy to let you be free
And to digress from the family tree.

Brothers and sisters and other such kin
Jealously hope that in life you don't win;
Their existence is so uneventful,
Siblings' success only makes them resentful.

And it's the same with your friends and your lovers,
Sooner and later one always discovers
Friendship and love that with selfishness brim-
Chances of finding sincereness are slim.

Foreign invaders that burst in your land
Rule it with cruel and adamant hand.
When liberation repels the oppressors,
One's own people become the successors
Of the usurpers who came from abroad,
Screwing the nation with racket and fraud.

Often I wonder if strangers and foes
Pause lesser danger than those one knows.
Maybe, the ones who don't care for you
Aren't so able of being untrue.

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