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Arrogance, by David Kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sun Mar 19, 2006 7:18 am

Of all the human qualities that negative may be
It's arrogance and haughtiness that I can't stand to see.
Dishonesty, stupidity and laziness are fine,
But one stuck-up and pompous a$$ is not a friend of mine.

His nose turned up at others, his mouth- a cocky grin,
The chest puffed up, the lordly walk, the upward-looking chin.
No, it just isn't confidence this fellow displays,
But insolence and priggishness is this young man's malaise.

Most haughty blokes some place inside are always insecure.
They think by puffing up like that their faults they can obscure.
And by disdaining other men and looking down on them,
They will feel better, thus, to scorn, they other folks condemn.

The karmic punishment for those who choose to be stuck-up
Is that one day they fully drink their own bitter cup.
One day, right out of the blue, misfortune comes to pass,
And bites the snippy Dapper Dan right in his pompous a$$ .

And, at that time, he has no friends to save his sorry hide,
He scolds the world but no one heeds his vain and wretched chide,
He's all alone to face the storm that he himself stirred up,
Since to the brim is now full his fated bitter cup.

I hope that early on in life you'll try to understand
Enough to not let arrogance to gain the upper hand.
The heaviness of foolishness and other minor sleight
Is lighter by comparison to arrogance's weight.

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