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Too Old To LIve My Dreams by David kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sat Mar 04, 2006 7:35 am

Too Old To LIve My Dreams
by David kessel

They say that if you ever don't succeed,
Then you should try and try and try again
So that your efforts, propped by healthy greed,
Would make you one celebratory man.

I failed and failed, and tried and tried again,
And failed again, and kept again on trying,
While boyhood, youth and half of my life-span
Into eternity by me went flying.

I tried hard again, and saved, and worked,
And failed again and started bravely over.
Old Age in secret by my side did lurk
And leaped and clung to me just like a lover.

And then my dreams, I, in the end, attained,
But I was now too old to taste them fully,
My head was now with greying hair maned,
My phallus shrunk, my hands would shake, unruly.

And now I'm bent under the weight of years,
And I can hardly walk without a stick,
But I am loved by greedy bank cashiers,
And cemetery agents think I'm chic.

The moral of the tale is rather clear:
Don't live just for some fuzzy future date;
Enjoy today as well, without fear,
Lest you end up with comparable fate.

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