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R.I.P. by Linda Coker

Postby cokerlin » Sun Mar 09, 2008 1:23 am

Goodbye to all
Original thought
I shall not think again
Computers, machines
Do everything
No need to use the brain

I cannot add
Subtract and such
I need a calculator
Nor can I spell
Instead I text
I’m an abbreviator

Without my phone
I can’t survive
I can’t be disconnected
No matter what
No matter where
No call shall be rejected

I have no couth
Nor have I learned
Good manners or work ethic
I’m self-absorbed
Show no respect
I’ll cut you off in traffic

Say adios
Farewell, so long
My words I shall not mince
We all should fear
Because it’s here--
The death of common sense.


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