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Skies of Montana

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Skies of Montana

Postby puddles1947 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:02 pm

Dedicated To: Bill Blackwood

Embellished between the emptiness
Of the wild Montana skies

I hear the whispers, of a distant past
Which lies beneath my wings?

A calling I'm unable to deny
Is heard within the clouds, which dart in front of me

With only the hum of my twin engines, to keep me company
I steer this craft, with breathless thoughts, across the endless sky

I think back to younger days, in my dreams of yesteryear
Wishing I could go back, and begin all over again

Correcting mistakes made, in the years left to me
To change what was lost

In the harm, which I caused
To the ones that I love so much

If only this could be, before I'm laid to rest
As I climb atop the snow covered mountains

Heading west across the wilderness, which lie before my eyes
I search for grace, to heal the pain that remains inside of me

I hear the echoes of another voice
Towards the peace, where my soul longs to be

It calls me back, to where I belong
A wayward son returning, to the family he left behind

And a home, where my heart will never leave
As I carried along with the wind

Written by: Roland R. Ruiz
June 09, 2007

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