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William Smith Died Today

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William Smith Died Today

Postby RLThomas » Mon Sep 03, 2007 9:43 pm

William Smith Died Today

William Smith died today.
I found out after reading what the article had to say.
The article said the day he died he was in his house alone.
By himself in passing surrounded by no one he had ever known.

As his final request no flowers were to be sent.
He did not wish to share this, his private last event.
No cards arrived for there were no survivors left to read.
No chaplain came by his home to pray with those in need.

Alone most of his life, his death was very much he same.
I met him after he died, William Smith was his name.
He was not family, friend, or foe, no relationship to me.
Never visited or invited him to holidays; as for me, nor did he.

Even though I wouldn't recognize his face in a crowd.
I keep reading obituaries because to myself I have vowed.
Read to acknowledge on previous days another's life has passed.
Sometimes imagine them with their spouses, reunited loved ones at last.

Out of the news, these last articles of the day that I have read.
Paying my respects to their passing, acknowledging the life that they led.
Stopping everything just to read what their last words had to say.
Letting me know his sadness ended, William Smith died today.

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