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These Two Calloused Hands

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These Two Calloused Hands

Postby RLThomas » Mon Sep 03, 2007 9:35 pm

These Two Calloused Hands

Looking down at these two calloused hands,
Odd how much they resemble an old man's.
Wrinkled, pale, rough, leather-like, and thin.
Chipped broken nails, top off, coarse dry skin.

No feeling anymore, grow harder every day.
Aged beyond their years from work along the way.
Hands that once felt like a soft satin glove.
Once felt the beat of a heart of a man deeply in love.

With the snap of a finger these two hands held a beat.
That signalled down below as music moved the feet.
And felt the last breath, the chest of Daddy's took.
Waved to parade watchers; countless stranger's hands they shook.

Much has been written by these two hands of mine.
Broken and restitched, to withstand the test of time.
Odd, but they do so much resemble an old man's.
As I stand looking down, at these two calloused hands.

All rights reserved, © Robin Thomas

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