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What i miss most by Denver Fredericks

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What i miss most by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Sat May 05, 2007 4:22 pm

What I miss most

what is miss most about you
is seeing your face light up
ethereal and peadriatric
when you get something new;
watching you fit on shoes,
joyous and surreal
and its price no thought or clue;

what i will miss about you
is seeing your glowing expression
satisfied and content
when finishing a project,
watching you pamper yourself
determined and focused
how could i ever your person reject;

what i will forever hold dear to me
is your laughter and radiant smile
true and uncompromising
when you let yourself live;
being part of the journey thru life
unconditional and pleasant
always mine always on my mind.

what you should know about you
when you have given of yourself
solely and entirely
is that you hold untold potential,
your energy and love of life
eageriness and contagious
is your key most essential.

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2007

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