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The Ruling Clique

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The Ruling Clique

Postby davidkessel » Mon Apr 30, 2007 2:31 am

We all begin with noble thoughts in mind
To make a government that serves mankind,
Whose sole interest is to oblige the Nation.
That is the cause for government creation.

But once the leaders are up there, they forget
The promises they' ve made to those who sweat.
They form a clique of their own up above
And start to govern us with iron glove.

We overthrow them in manners oft' illegal
But soon new leaders start behaving regal
And form a new exclusive stratum over us
As we asphyxiate in blood, and sweat and pus.

As long as human nature stays unchanged,
The shepherds from the herd will be estranged,
Good government will only then be bred,
When selfish cliquishness, at last, is dead.

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