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The Loser 'neath Us All

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The Loser 'neath Us All

Postby davidkessel » Mon Apr 30, 2007 2:28 am

When rocking on the waves of insecurity,
And lacking in emotional maturity,
Oppressed by boss, a relative or don,
We need somebody we can step upon:

An underdog we love to denigrate
So ourselves we won't have to hate.
We use comparative advantage on the weak,
The kind, the caring, the humble, and the meek.

Oh, yes there's always someone down there,
Down on whom we haughtily can stare
So stress and anger tumbling down the knoll,
Upon his wretched head will duly roll.

We aren't at the bottom, what a thrill!
Not at the foot of pecking order's hill;
There is a bigger loser 'neath us all
Upon whose head all garbage thus can fall.

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