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Involved by Denver Fredericks

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Involved by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:19 am


Watching the memories grinning on the inside
She made his life seem bearable and complete
Longing for the reunion and a replay of their encounter
He breathed them n deep utter a sigh of relief
Pictures and emotions filled his mind with glee
For his life and love, she no longer had to compete

Spirited by nature, strong willed and confident
She made an impact in his life purpose filled and directed
No longer needing to play or having the need to
His errand path and sordid life by her now corrected
She offered him the right of passage and love\
Now she for her life by him offered full protection

Time now seems a pleasant friend alive with her
She made the darkness subside now fresh and absolved
A solace and refuge, an open set of welcoming arms
A welcoming bonus a multimillion dollar treat devolved
Warm and friendly, witty and a serious handful
Unable to even think of life if not for having got involved

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2006

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