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Meaningful Life, by Bernard Howe

Postby Story Guy » Sun Feb 19, 2006 9:19 pm

A Meaningful Life
By Bernard Howe

Sometimes I wish my life had more meaning,
to the things I've acomplished in my life.
Like some little lesson I taught my children,
or 40 years of marriage, to my loving wife.

I like to think I was a friend
someone who always had a smile.
Someone who if needed
would always go that extra mile.

I'd like to think I done some good,
for making this world a better place.
I'd like to think I did my part,
to promote love in our human race.

Yes I wish that I could do so much more,
to make the world safer for those to come.
I want so much to do my part,
so I can be proud of where I'm from.

So when I leave this world one day,
"He will be missed", I'd like for them say.
"And now when we bow our heads and pray,
let us thank God for his short stay"

Bernard Howe
copyright February 2006
Story Guy

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