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Where is the Faith, by Bernard Howe

Postby Story Guy » Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:20 pm

Where is the Faith
by Bernard Howe

Has Satin taken control of earth,
people fighting because of their birth.
Hatred for everyone, whom thinks differently,
trying to wipe them out for all eternity.

Does God not take care of the faithful,
kindness and goodness, shows we're grateful?
God says not to kill, and to love one another,
all men are equal, and have the love of a mother.

Terrorism and war the signs of our time,
brings out the hate and plenty of crime.
Now if everything changed and all believed,
just think of the good that could be achieved.

Buda, Mohammad, Jesus, no matter the name,
They all tell of God who is one in the same.
As long as man believes and loves his God,
and tries not to cover it with a facade.

Peace on Earth is within our reach,
if man would listen to what's being preached.
Share a smile, offer a helping hand,
maybe we can have peace across our land.

Bernard Howe
Copyright 2006
Story Guy

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