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Bad Versus Good

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Bad Versus Good

Postby Carol Dee Meeks » Tue Oct 17, 2006 2:04 pm

Bad Versus Good
by Carol Dee Meeks

Satan courts the angels
underneath his mask.
But when he was one,
being good was too great a task.

Jesus allows the competition
and smiles from above.
But the angels intervene
with messages of love.

Satan rides the downside.
He totes his evil plan.
Believers are steadfast against him
but others don't understand.

His motive punctuates "him".
There's no love of others in his heart.
Jesus is the source of goodness.
And Satan stirs a downhill start.

Satan spotlights the weak.
He shifts Jesus' message away.
But Jesus empowers everyone
so they can live with Him someday.

With Satan things are
never how they seem.
But with Jesus,
He always comes clean.

Satan is the bad,
and Jesus is the good.
With Satan there is risk;
with Jesus we live as we should.

Carol Dee Meeks
? 2003
Carol Dee Meeks

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