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My Futute's Bright

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My Futute's Bright

Postby Carol Dee Meeks » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:07 am

My Future's Bright
by Carol Dee Meeks

Today, my future?s bright.
I tired of wrestling down the night.
All these months of toil and strife,
cut me deeper than a knife.

My future now lays before you.
I truly do adore you.

For you?ve held me in your hand
when my stress I could not stand.

You sustained me.
You comforted me.
You renewed my faith and soul.
I know you?ll carry me as I grow old.

When my heart was broken.
You indeed, were my love token.
You understood my silence and shame.
Not I, but my heart, called on your name.

To bow my head and pray was hard.
My hurt was deep and thick as lard.
As Shepherd to me, you were so brave.
In my heart, you?re all I rave.

Because of you, my future?s bright.
My eyes look up to you this night.

Carol Dee Meeks
? 2003
Carol Dee Meeks

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