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give thanks in all things.....all things

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give thanks in all things.....all things

Postby Carol Dee Meeks » Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:49 am

We Thank Our Master
By Carol Dee Meeks

for our food.
With bowed heads
we thank our Master
for blessings He bestows,
with both eyes closed.

Blessings come
in different shades,
in different sizes,
and in different specifics.

Are they songs?
Are they shinning stars?
Are they loving where you live?
Are they liking who you are?

Are they living with the one you love,
or having faith in God,
and seeking Him above,
happy cause you're odd?

Are they maturing your age,
seeing dreams come true,
seeing offspring extend their time,
approving of what they do?

Are they spring in the air
and roses everywhere?

Now, let's say blessings are:
approval, kindness, bounty,
favor, grace, praise from the Deity,
happiness, honor, invocation, gift,
sanction, windfall, advantage, and benefit;

as numerous as the sands on the sea; like
farmers see their future with hay and barley.

Carol Dee Meeks
? 2002
Carol Dee Meeks

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