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Angels are around us throughout our day

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Angels are around us throughout our day

Postby Carol Dee Meeks » Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:42 am

Angels Are Among Us
by Carol Dee Meeks

Angels bring good news
to lives of many people.
Isaiah saw them in a vision
on a throne higher than a steeple.

Holy, Holy, Holy;

were they in God's splendor.
One of them cleansed Isaiah's lips,
so he could spread God's "bits of tips."

Angels are divine guardians.
They bring tidings in heavenly ways.
Believers are beneath these cherubs.
Angel spirits enhance our days.

Holy, Holy, Holy;

are they in God's splendor.
The seraphs dart in and out;
they're never mean or angry or pout.

Angels are everywhere.
But if you don't believe,
the next time you need to share,
watch, your sorrow they will relieve.

Carol Dee Meeks
? 2002
Carol Dee Meeks

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