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THE BUGLER'S BLARE - by Claude Peter Dhuet

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Sat Jul 15, 2006 12:18 pm


In war, the bugler’s blare doth fill the air-
To call to arms the victims vicariously chosen to be there-
Wake up grim reaper, the battle has just begun-
Organize your legions can’t you hear the gun.

The souls of mortals will fill the air-
To mingle in confusion among the bugle’s blare-
They need direction for they know not where to go-
Like the ones you gathered in your folds not very long ago.

{t seems that these mortals have no concern-
To live in peace, each others needs n’eer to discern-
To spill each others blood is for what they yearn-
What barrier does prevent them not to learn.

And when the battle song is no longer sung-
And the count of battle dead is done-
Mothers will cry and beat their breast-
Fathers will n’eer in solace rest.

For death in honor cannot replace-
A hug of strong arms or a tender kiss on mother’s face.

Claude Peter Dhuet
July 14, 2006

Comment On This Poem

Note; This poem was written on the day Israel declared war on Lebanon. As a bard of old once said - what fools we mortals be. Originally, I referred to the mortals as mortal fools, but I subquentally ameliorated it to just mortals. However our warlike nature perhaps merits us to be labeled as at least foolish.

Claude Peter Dhuet

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