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Come To God by Bob Gotti

Postby Bob Gotti » Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:56 pm

Come To God
by Bob Gotti

To The Father you can come, through the access of The Son,
By the way of Calvary?s cross, God?s way provided for the lost.
Christ began by God?s Grace, dying on the cross in our place,
The entire penalty for man?s sin, at Calvary was placed on Him.

Jesus ended a separation friend, between God and mortal men,
That long divine separation, was bridged by a cross of salvation.
A bridge that?s open to every man, in every nation of every land,
An access provided to God above, by the Son and Father?s Love.

God leaves it to us to do our part; to accept with a believing heart,
God?s atoning sacrifice on Calvary, for sinful men like you and me.
As we come with a weary heart, we receive from God a new start,
We begin with God a life anew, in Christ who died for me and you.

For when in Christ we do believe, The Holy Spirit we then receive,
Where in our hearts He will reside, helping men, to in Christ abide.
The Spirit knowing all our needs, goes to The Lord and intercedes,
So in this life we need not fear, for in the Spirit God is always near.

We come to God as mortal men, from a world that is condemned,
And we face certain death friend, when this earthly life does end,
But God gives to us Eternal Life, through our Savior Jesus Christ.
So come to God and you will see, with new life forever in Eternity.

(Copyright ?07/2006 Bob Gotti) /
Bob Gotti

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