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DEAR DAD by Claude Peter Dhuet

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Fri Jun 16, 2006 5:40 pm

by Claude Peter Dhuet

Its on Father’s Day, that 1 think of you most-
The memory of you dwells in my mind like a ghost-
Whom once I knew a long time ago-
The images of you come, and the images go.

The reality of your leaving us, still boggles our minds-
For you were only forty two, still in your prime-
When God called you home, I guess he knew best-
Its not for us humans, for him to contest.

He called you to protect you, from suffering and pain-
From the fast growing tumor, that infected your brain,
But the pain that we suffer from your going away-
Will last until we take our last breath, on our very last day.

The thing that hurts most, is that I couldn’t bid you goodbye-
At the time that you left us, I was up in the sky-
Fighting to protect all the ones you loved best-
And all of the others, in the same country they dwelt.

For we were at war, It was called World War two-
Too many miles separated, both me and you-
For me to come back, and see you laid to rest-
Best to keep fighting, and eliminate the threat.

Once in a while I dream that you’re still alive-
Waiting to greet me, from my battles in the sky-
I show you the ribbons, pinned on my uniform-
And tell you "Dad its great to be welcomed back home".

Claude Peter Dhuet
Ex-Sgt. WWII
June 2006

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Note: This poem is unfortunately quite true.

Claude Peter Dhuet

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