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Free Spirit by M. Doris Fuller

Postby merrygrannyde » Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:36 pm

Free Spirit

I know my spirit has been set free.
It soars like a dove in flight.
There are no bonds that hold my heart,
I?m guided by my Master?s light.

Angels are my companions as I fly,
A free spirit through the night.
I behold all the essence of freedom,
Heaven?s gate is now in my sight.

I can no longer feel my many pains,
But a great joy down in my soul.
I know the love of my Lord,
My feeble body has been made whole.

I look down as my spirit soars,
While a brief sadness my heart feels.
Then looking back toward heaven,
Freedom from worldly strife is revealed.

I have not left the ones I love,
I?m waiting for the day we again meet.
Oh yes! On that wondrous day,
The greatest freedom we all shall greet.

Copyright @ 2004 M. Doris Fuller

Dedicated to my brother, John.
His ?Free Spirit? went home on
July 3, 2000.

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