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Life Storms by Cynthia Jones

Postby Csescape » Thu Mar 16, 2006 9:38 pm

Life Storms
by Cynthia Jones

In a storm of chaos,
comes an unsettled wind
Chimes the fibers
of my soul and mind

The song it does sing
is profound, give to me peace,
soothe me, and comfort

Will a voice to my ear
whispering words of promise
Jasmine scent fills the air
and my eyes are wide open

When rain falls light, sun
will make a rainbow in the
sky, Illuminate.

Violent outburst, thrashing gusts,
everything, contorted in peril
For the sake of nature's best
-life- may seem forgotten

I touch the petal,
my eyes, they cry with sadness,
soft velvet to me

Played, a Chord of hope,
a melody strummed in tune
Lip-sync along with Life
Until the Storms are few.

Cynthia Jones
Copyright 2006

I mixed this up for fun. Every other stanza is a haiku. My inspiration is loving life so very much even when I feel I am on the edge of a complete break down. It makes me laugh thankfully, but I am more angry at the fact that God makes it impossible for me to just be mad.

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