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Leading Light by Cynthia Jones

Postby Csescape » Tue Feb 14, 2006 6:06 pm

Leading Light
by Cynthia Jones

Here I am
in the middle far,
without a line
alone, with one star.
It shines bright;
it shines for me
so I wont lose...
so I wont lose sight of me.

And in the depth
of a thrashing wave
I see the star light
and it really saves me

from going down;
from crashing too hard.
I won't let it,
take me under so far

that I can't see
the light above
far from earth,
maybe eternity?

I dont know,
but here is now
and the star light
keeping me in bound

to the faith,
there is something more
to existance...
on forever's shore.

I will search
until my last breath
to touch that star light
that hasn't failed me yet.

I'm all alone,
except for one star,
looking to the sky
with hands held high,

and I... fall to my knees
in pleading degree, and
giving praise, I surrender.

The star light
ever so bright,
finding faith
shine on me.

It is there, waiting.

Cynthia Jones
Copyright 2006

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