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The Great Defender - America

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The Great Defender - America

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:15 am

God Bless America

The Great Defender
21 March 2003

This nation called America
Has fought in many a war,
Defending truth and liberty,
And settling the score

With powerful oppressors,
And dictators as well,
Just like a "big brother,"
Our history will tell.

We've NEVER fought for power,
Nor for dictatorship,
But for the rights of the oppressed,
To help them get a grip

On liberty and freedom,
And on democracy,
So they and all their loved ones
May one day be set free.

Ours is a cause of justice,
For which our troops have fought,
While giving their last measure,
And we must forget them not,

For they who gave their life, their all,
Are heroes brave and true,
Defenders of true liberty,
And our Red, White and Blue.

And for the cause of freedom,
And for the right to be
Citizens of this great land,
This land of liberty.

God help us as a nation
To fight for right and truth,
And pass on this tradition
To they yet in their youth,

And help them to appreciate
This cause for which man died,
To keep us free from bondage
Through courage they've supplied.

And may we stand for liberty
And justice, one and all,
In heart and mind and spirit,
And as patriots, stand tall.

Heart Thoughts by Jim
Jim Lee

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