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America, America

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America, America

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:13 am

America, America
4 November 2004

I love this land, America, from sea to shining sea,
And love the things it stands for, the fact that I am free,
Because of those who fought and died, and gave this right to me,
And to the ones I dearly love, my friends and family.

I love the Flag, Old Glory, and what it stands for here,
And when I see it waving, I want to stop and cheer,
And lift my voice in singing its anthems, loud and clear,
And offer up a prayer to God, and even shed a tear

For those who do not understand the feelings that I feel,
This pride and love for country, which has a heart appeal,
And for the victories we have won, which I declare are real,
Knowing God is blessing us, each time, in prayer, I knee.

I love the Founding Fathers, and love their families, too,
And every sacrifice they made to keep this nation true,
True to God and true to man, and our Red, White and Blue,
One nation, indivisible, their gift to me and you.

America, America, I salute you every day,
And I salute your patriots, and heroes in harm's way,
Who also love as I do, the good old USA,
And love our flag, Old Glory, so proudly on display.

Let's rally 'round the banner, and 'round our President, too,
Who loves our nation also, and our Red, White and Blue,
Whose goal is to vouchsafe freedom, that's worthy to pursue,
And keep this "One nation, under God," as He wants us to do.

Heart Thoughts by Jim
Jim Lee

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