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Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Wed Nov 05, 2008 5:27 pm

(When I get old)

It’s time to let go my love
Life has almost passed me by
The tide is slowly ebbing
Long years lived tell me why.

So many things come to mind
It’s hard to know where to begin
The important and the trivia
All seem to blend within.

As I look back at the beginning
When both of us were young
The lust for life that we both had
Seemed greater than anyone.

But the reality of living soon set in
It seems that it spares no one
Pipe dreams are only a myth
They fade like the setting sun.

We did quite well in my opinion
But an optimist I will always be
As I look back in retrospect
I’m satisfied at what I see.

No lofty mountains did we climb
Only dreamers seem to go there
The mountains that we both climbed
Always left some room to spare.

So when I take that final step
To that place that lies above
I’ll do it only with slight regret
And leave you with all my love.

By Claude Peter Dhuet
October 2008
Claude Peter Dhuet

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