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In the shadows

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In the shadows

Postby tushararora » Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:31 pm

Those shadows I walk through,
The shadows so dark,
And becoming darker I know,
Still they care for me though,
And still he looks upon in the darks,
And the darker side of you,
Still you feel the enchant of god,
Who walks with you too,
In those dark shadows of dark place,
Where you just walk and walk away further,
Making new paths as you proceed,
Making new discoveries we know,
More and more you go,
And still he hangs around with you,
And that is him who loves you,
Muchover than any living thing I know,
Still you feel you are not safe,
Call him if you wanna know,
That he is alive and is looking all over the place,
Only for you and living for you,
Dear this is life,
And In the shadows of others you walk,
And the love you want,
Still you get nothing,
Whenever you leave this world,
Dear this is life,
And the god may be alive,
He is looking after you,
While you walk in the dark places,
Trying to find the final destiny,
You walk and walk further,
You just carried away much deeper,
Though dear your faith still alive,
You want more and more pride,
Still you are so lonely,
And you will remain for that reason forever,
You gain achievements,
Much earlier in the darkest place you walk into,
You find hidden treasures,
But you may never find me,
And who knows I will find you instead :)

Still he knows where i am,
And what i am searching for,
Looking around for something,
Special for some reason,
And you are still walking in the dark,
Though unfamiliar with someone,
Someone like me you never met,
And that is the reason I am alive,
Alive for what you know,
Still you know nothing,
The god comes in dreams,
And holds the hands of yours,
Take you to someplace brighter,
Someday who knows the day may come,
When you will see me standing somewhere,
In the final destiny of yours,
Waiting for something I know,
Still you never know who I am,
For sure I know... ;)

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