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No Man Knows

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No Man Knows

Postby Bob Gotti » Fri May 20, 2011 10:51 pm

No Man Knows

No man knows the day or hour, when The Lord shows His Power,
Coming for the Church of God, to take men from the earth’s sod,
When only those who truly believe, Christ, The Lord shall receive,
On our Lord’s predetermined Day, regardless what men shall say.

For many by their own deduction, distort Scripture to destruction,
Distorting Scripture in their mind, while leaving valid Truth behind,
Many words from our Dear Lord, by these teachers goes ignored,
Passages in the Word of God, they dismiss with an arrogant nod.

Their appetites are not God’s Truth, but their desires unto reproof,
Straying from what prophets said, to preach all they want instead,
Today they’re judged by men, but their words God shall condemn,
All their prophecies spoke arrogantly, will fail for all people to see.

Still other men will follow suit, with teachings God shall not repute,
As they distort Holy Scripture, not true to God’s prophetic picture,
Skewed becomes God’s Revelation, by man’s simple imagination,
Untruths that cause many to jeer, at The Word, that all should fear.

Men’s prophecies continue to fail, while God’s Truths shall prevail,
And just as God stated my friend, knowing the beginning and end;
By these men doubts are raised, but God’s Word shall be praised,
When all the Scripture we have read, shall be fulfilled as God said!

(Copyright ©05/2011 Bob Gotti)
Bob Gotti

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