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Television. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:45 pm

Bernard Shaw

You know I sometimes wish I could,

Get in that glass screen surrounded by wood.

I'd change the programs one by one,

No more terror or murder with gun.

Political corruption would be no more,

With Speculators robbing the weak and poor.

This world of ours I would fill with joy,

A brand new start for every girl and boy

Mother Nature would bloom anew,

All mankind's dreams would come true.

With Birds and Beasts, Flowers and Trees,

With no more Poisons on every breeze.

The waters in each river and stream,

Would be pure and clear like in my dream.

Yes all the programs on my TV,

Would be specially made for you and me.

I'd teach the Children to love and care,

The Grown-ups how to help and share.

Each job of work that has to be done,

Shall be shared by everyone.

There'll be no more rich and no more poor,

On my Television and that's for sure.

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Bernard Shaw

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