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Edge by Denver Fredericks

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Edge by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Thu Oct 05, 2006 4:06 am


On the precipice just tittering on the edge of the lip
The moment just before the misshape chrysalis breaks
Spilling all its contained hidden beauty and new life
Like the name of a lost love that lives on the tip
The tip of the tongue waiting to be ushered to birth
A new creature and new existence beached to life

Sitting here wanting that to happen but fearful still
Knowing it is the best and newness that heals
Cleansing all that has gone before smoothing the rough
Rejuvenated life, merited wisdom my own desired will
Meandering of new formed river carving its route to sea
Brazenly slicing a path over the smooth and the tough

Alone again sickening but I know this is out of choice
Even worse it has been my own preoccupied doing
Felt like flotsam tossed and rolled along without bearing
But the time has come to put things aside yeah rejoice
We have shed the trappings of perceived necessity
And a new path and new resolve are in the making

Denver Fredericks
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