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The Widow's Walk by Lanaia Lee

Postby lanaia74 » Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:42 pm

The Widow's Walk
by Lanaia Lee

From here you can hear in the distance
The angry ocean hit the rocks at the bottom of the vast cliff
I watch the sea as the waves look like they are doing a religious dance
As I wait penitently for my love to bring a special gift.

Being newlyweds we bought this house by the sea
Hoping to fulfill all of our dreams
Of the life in front of us, you see
All our dreams are coming true it seems.

I try to patiently wait as I am alone
What happens next, was it worth this place?
As I sit outside smelling the salt air I hear a moan
Looking at the widow's walk I see a lady all in white lace.

She was transparent and surrounded by a white haze
Looking as if she is waiting as she looks upon the sea
Am I seeing this? I'm truly amazed
I'm seeing a spirit and don't want to flee.

It's like I see her pain in her stone cold eyes
Longing, waiting, and hoping she seems to emit
You can feel her sadness as she cries
Watching her every move as I sit.

Lanaia Lee
Copyright 2006


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