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Fairy Dust. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Tue Mar 28, 2006 2:07 pm

Fairy Dust.
Bernard Shaw

When I was five the Fairies spirited me away,

I lived among them for a year and a day.

They blew fairy dust in the grownups eyes

That I was gone missing none did realise.

I was dressed in green and russet brown,

Difficult to see for people from the town.

I played with the Fairy children every day,

I listened carefully to what they had to say.

The Fairy children were clothed in silk,

One of my chores was the cows to milk.

I planted elder and bluebells all around,

Also many a pretty flower in the Fairy ground.

Glow-worms were in my daily care,

Their light I did with the Fairies share.

Fairy dust I learned to make,

The blue bells how to shake.

I met Pixies, Elves and Gnomes galore,

One little secret they all do snore.

Once I found a Fairies magic wand,

With its help I managed to abscond,

Yes I was with the Fairies a year and a day,

With the help of the wand I ran away.

Back home to my childhood home,

never again with the Fairies to roam.

None of the adults did me miss,

Not even my Mother who gave me a kiss,

Parents watch over your children aged five,

The Fairies need the children to survive.
Bernard Shaw

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