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White Unicorn. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Mon Mar 27, 2006 3:47 am

White Unicorn.
Bernard Shaw

A beautiful white unicorn came my way,

Come it said let us with the fairies play.

I agreed I thought it would be nice,

much better than playing with mice.

The unicorn let out a trumpeting call,

it was answered by the fairies one and all.

Making rings of pretty daisies and corn,

We threw them over the unicorn?s horn.

The fairies soon tired of this play,

And threw the daisy corn rings away.

We all went looking for strawberries wild,

I found a large patch, large for a child.

First we fed them to the white unicorn,

Ate some ourselves gave some to a leprechaun.

Then we went deeper into the woods so green,

And were met by the beautiful Fairy Queen.

She said it would be nice to play hide and seek,

We all gave a solemn promise not to peek,

The unicorn hid very well behind some elderberry trees,

It was I that found him down on his knees.

Fairies I found quite easily it can be said,

Most of them had hidden in a mossy bed.

The most difficult of all to find, I found,

Was the Fairy Queen she had hidden under the ground.

Playing with the fairies and the white unicorn,

Made me feel glad that I had been born.

If a beautiful white unicorn comes your way,

At least be ready with the fairies to play.
Bernard Shaw

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