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I Saw A Unicorn by M. Doris Fuller

Postby merrygrannyde » Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:38 pm

I Saw A Unicorn
M. Doris Fuller

One day I got lost on a country drive,
Along about sunset I saw a big surprise.
There before my eyes stood a unicorn,
I decided this had to be a site from Norn.

Her beautiful coat was as white as snow,
Galloping along as her long mane flowed.
I could see those beautiful crystal blue eyes,
I knew of my presence she was apprised.

Some may think this was only a dream,
A wishful vision dancing in the sun beams.
However there are wonders if we just look,
A phenomenon believed only to be in books.

Many see only that they think they can see,
So open your mind and come dream with me.
Then one day in the rays of the setting sun,
You too may see a unicorn as she swiftly runs.

M. Doris Fuller
Copyright 2004

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