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He Wasn't There. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Sat Mar 18, 2006 2:13 pm

He Wasn't There.
Bernard Shaw

Out on the porch in my rocking chair,
I spoke to a man that wasn't there.
He wasn't there, this I know,
Because he himself told me so.
We spoke together for a very long time,
Most of our talking took place in mime.
With hands and feet, we discussed this and that,
Until he became personal and criticised my hat.
I was very annoyed and called him a fool,
he himself apologised but remained very cool.
It was none of his business on this you'll agree,
In future I'll be very careful who talks to me.
But for the moment I'm glad he is there,
All though I cant see him from my rocking chair.
If you come to visit me, will he speak to you,
No one perceives him and he speaks to but a few.
His conversation is not brilliant you know,
But it passes the time that goes very slow.
One day I introduced him to a friend of mine,
They talked about me, which was not very fine.
I'll tell him very soon, not to come any more,
To tell you the truth, I find him a bore.
You see when he is with me people do stare,
As I talk to him on the porch, in my rocking chair.

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Bernard Shaw

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