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"I REMEMBER" by Tom Zart

Postby Tom Zart » Wed Mar 15, 2006 12:49 am

by Tom Zart

I remember the house where I was born
With its paint peeling off and its screens all torn.
Behind our back fence the trains would roll by,
Spewing forth black smoke which darkened the sky.

On our front porch was a swing made of wood
Where I might pretend I was Robin Hood.
A soldier, a sailor, a captain, or king,
A lion, a tiger or birds that sing.

Now in the night as I think before sleep,
I still can recall all I wish to keep.
Those kisses I stole on summer nights past,
Which molded my life as though it were cast.

Life's memories come to those who must, wait,
As they pray their blessings won't be too late.
Myself I have known love, wealth, war and more,
Though soon God's angels shall tap at my door.

Tom Zart
Author of
Love, War And More
Published by
Publish America
2005 All Rights reserved

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Tom Zart

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