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The Little Folk. by Tom Zart

Postby Bernard Shaw » Tue Mar 14, 2006 11:50 am

The Little Folk.
Tom Zart

Fairies have become a part of my life.

No I do not neglect my loving wife.

She still takes it all in good part.

Just like she did from the very start.

Fairies are with me all of the day.

I have not the heart to send them away.

From early in the morning till late at night,

right through the hours of bright daylight.

At Breakfast, Coffee time, Dinner and Tea,

The little folk are with the wife and me.

Why even when we go to our beds.

One or two still fly around our heads.

What do they do when we are asleep?

I often wake up just to have a peep.

At night there are no fairies to be seen.

I think they all go home to the Fairy Queen.

If you Dear Reader suffer from Fairies too

There is really no help at all for you.

Fairies when they come, they come to stay,

No not even you can send them away.

Just bear with the little folk, like the Wife and I.

You too will get used to them by and by.

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Bernard Shaw

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