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Einal Conclusion

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Einal Conclusion

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:56 am

by Claude Peter Dhuet

There are no stars in the sky tonight
The moon no longer casts a glow
All is soundless, no creatures in sight
On the lifeless earth below.

For man has made his final decision
His destructive ways have finally won
A monster of doom of ultra precision
Has changed his blue planet to brown.

It seems that man has been, from the very beginning
A creature of hate quite profound
His hate and his greed has colored his mind
Until his very last second of time

So as I write this to you this very last note
I do it with a thought in my head
I think of what might have been
If man had learned to love each other instead

Written by the last survivor on earth
Oct. 2008
Claude Peter Dhuet

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