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Bronze Lady

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Bronze Lady

Postby Carol Dee Meeks » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:20 am

Bronze Lady
by Carol Dee Meeks

One Sunday's suns with smilies sneer
and colorful crowd stands outside,
their visit via ocean's tide
in praise to lady without veer.

The mass bows' heads with hands held high
then raises eyes to islands' dame,
"America, new land now nigh,"
they flock to see the crowned one's fame.

I wonder what and why their love.
I wonder where and when their dove.
A sight to see, experience this,
we snap them pictures. They blow a kiss.

"America, land of the free,"
they say then walk away with glee.

Carol Dee Meeks
? 2005
Carol Dee Meeks

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