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Respectful Hands by Sharon Flynn

Postby Ivy Rose » Sat Feb 18, 2006 6:17 pm

Respectful Hands
Sharon Flynn

As I soar through the air
on wings of flight,
the mountains of Asheville
work their magic
upon my heart. I see his smile
as I fly into Charlotte.
I hear Mike speak of Lake Lure
where ?Dirty Dancing? was filmed.
I can hear Mohegan drums beat
through the tumbling waterfall
streaking down the face
of the craggy mountain wall
in Chimney Rock.

?The Last Of The Mohegans?
was filmed here,? he says.

I picture Daniel Day-Lewis silently
creeping across its wooded peaks.
Mike knows all the history,
all of the places I will remember.
And he takes me there
stopping now and then
to get out and view
those scenic mountain altitudes
that spread out before me.
We wind around
mountain curves and ledges.
Color from the Fall still abounds.
Mike speaks of the respect he feels.

?Respect these mountains.? he says,
?Or you can disappear...never to be found.?

I smile and nod. The Blue Ridge Parkway
ambling before me. There are no
gas stations, no tow trucks.

?Respect,? he repeats, ?have respect.?

I respect and admire him. He takes on
more than the mountains. He fights
to survive in the everyday
where the meds he needs are withheld
because he carries no insurance.
Yet he always laughs and jokes around.
His neatly kept mobile home
is a popular place to visit.
How does he do it? With respect.
Respect for the hands that hold back
and respect for the blessing
of good friends and family
who possess hands that always give.

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Ivy Rose

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