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A Father's Love by Cynthia Jones

Postby Csescape » Sat Mar 25, 2006 9:44 pm

A Father's Love
by Cynthia Jones

His love is not truly measured
by his years nor his number
but given to and sought after
those that wake from slumber.

His Children, he all does love
and shows them support in all.
He wants to see them rise above
any dispute, great and small.

A leading man, both night and day.
Medieval fashion. Dogmatic approach.
Belief of God, goodwill and Fae, all
led by steed in golden coach.

Teacher, Guide, and Instructor
are words we use to describe.
Father is what is felt more,
the lesson comes from inside

His strength and wisdom shelter
his child-like heart, for frail
is not what is seen, but deems
all appropriate, to simply teach.

A Father, a true father -WILL-
listen and be heard with ease.
A true father speaks with passion
but gently, and knows his strength.

The gift of empowerment is not denied
but given encouragment to rise, above
all obsticles and stay on course,
-HIS- emprise. A father's love.

Friend to Father, Father to Friend
One Man with his mission. Inspire.
Teacher to Student, Student to Teacher.
One Man with his goal. Education.

Words come clearly, actions speak.
This man is amazingly heard
With his hands, they do talk...
and he need not utter a word.

Cynthia E. Jones
Copyright 2006

This was written with one very good friend in mind and may be applied to a few other endearing friendships. It may seem a bit strange or dramatic even that such a positive relationship can be formed on-line when never meeting face to face. I could leave that reasoning out here as I do not mention anything about on-line in the poem. This writing could reflect many different relationships and all existing away from the computer. It has been very rewarding for me to know those I have met here on-line. These friendships have given me more encouragement in my older adult years than I ever thought possible.

Note: Not sure if the little lines (-) that I sometimes use make their point. Here, they are meant to stress the word and slow the reader down taking a breath before emphases on the next word.

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