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Like the flowers miss

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Like the flowers miss

Postby tushararora » Mon Oct 29, 2007 1:35 pm

I miss you,
Like the flowers miss too,
Crumbs of bread held in hand,
Don’t throw them,
Oh, Squeezed with honey painted ,
Reminds me that you do it in blue.

I miss you,
I am Clairvoyant, shunned to your mistake,
Stay aye, cheesecake, certainly a child likes,
Blurred glory, how much I loved you,
I empathize and foster feelings, Come on,
You’re prestigious, my instinct works, its kinda fake.

Love, shines, glooms to our league,
Have extinct with definite heroism,
Tired, tweezed and brain’s a hospice to others,
Once twisted, now flies in sky , gist, torn papers.
This makes you live in tension, Come on; Wherever,
I miss you.

Incredulous, it’s for you, that your wiring haunts my building,
You lick and snuff and you never had me won,
You pinpoint something at me, decisive with your words,
The music I listen for you, living in trap, your decision is awry.
Look to some distance, at me, get me by a call,
Its same for me that I stare at you, Come on,
I miss you very-very much…

Really miss you.

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