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Thank you by Denver Fredericks

About the special people in one's life!

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Thank you by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Sat May 05, 2007 4:36 pm

Thank you
The night was dark
And devilish too
And down the road
A hobo flew
And from his side
A dagger he drew
And ahh
Split a banana in too

This was taught
Way back then
When kid were kids
and men were men
prankster poems
in listening dens
and ooh
never knew the impact when

I have to thank
Those men of old
Who somehow my
future foretold
They poured in more
than I could hold
The tent the beach
The sand the mould
Really special
Creating joy untold

Now it?s dark
And getting late
For many from
That bygone date
Thanking you
And you and plate
For being
That lifelong mate

Scores do know
Of how you sowed
Into the lives
Of summer through
Gleeful laughter
Cherished bows
Guidance given
You many not know
The lives you?ve changed
And lead to Christ
Will all keep you in good stead

A dedication
Not of pride
But Of admiration
I cannot hide
For often duties done
Forgotten forlawn
And undeclared ones
(Some have passed on
And I cannot relate)
The heights
To which they have elevate

The a herald
Of good standing
For the inward branding
The lives you lead
Erect upstanding
Thank you all
for heeding your calling

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2001[url]

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