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Postby Bill Davison » Fri Feb 23, 2007 7:06 am

Oh Come! ? All Ye Faithful

Bill Davison

To date, ?Beliefs? I have ignored - They?ve never really struck a chord
But ageing - Getting more a wreck - I deemed it wise to run a check

Pondered long - Far back in time - And I declare with thoughts sublime
Faith?s nebulous starting point was found - I was correct the first time round!

Following are my deep reflections - Just plain Facts - No deceptions!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mankind has been profoundly caught - In devious realms of religious thought
One needs understand it?s Institution - And follow through - it?s Evolution!

Quite simply - All ?Gods? were born as Man in fear - Strove to see his future clear
Apprehension & lack of knowledge - Spawned a Holy Praying College!

In primeval times - Long gone - Man deified Idol & Icon
And once begun ? That Godly Grind - Nested within a receptive mind!

Inevitably - - - In those early years of Man - The reign of Charlatan began
Claiming insight without proof - And saddling Man with One Big Spoof!

Generations gone & all they?ve known - Is Charmanism - All ?home grown?
Religions - They are so abundant - All should be by now redundant!

Theosophies? - Created by the score! - Beliefs? - We doubtless need no more!
Suffice to say ?We?ll Never know - What Really makes the green grass grow?!!

Probing the Atom or Heavenly Space - We do indeed come face to face
With Infinities galore - And probably a good deal more!

Temples & Cathedrals Grand - Very impressive - But as they stand
Forget thee not - These Sacred Places - Are but Monuments to Man?s benighted phases!

The hallowed music of the choir - For better things it does aspire
But does ?God? hear this psalmic prayer? - Is He listening? - Is He there!?

?Men of God? are full of cant - Preaching they know what we want
Know they themselves - They are uncouth - When they profess to know the truth!

Where are the ?Gods? to which they pray? - Requiring worship every day
The ?Gods? are solely in their heads - And in their heads that?s where they play!

Just because Man Cannot see - Affairs that may have yet to be
Faith is placed in a God unseen - An Essence that has Never been!

Are we all obliged to be beholden? - Even when life is far from golden?
Let?s have done with this masquerade - From the Heads Down ? Backsides Up Brigade!

The grievous indifference of Nature?s Court - Is apparent in Life ? Of Any Sort
What Man must do to get along - Is Rationalize and Stay on song!

?Faith? in covert ?Gods? I fear - Can?t be taken serious here
Common Sense Alone sheds light - Let?s see religion out of sight!

May the wisdom now amongst us - Rid us of this cloying fungus
Let?s all rejoice in Logic?s role - And bury the Bunkum down a hole!

The grasp of facts in Man evolving - Guideth him in problem solving
When an act proves No Solution - Modify it - - - That?s Evolution

So let some light into the brain - Resolve to think & think again
Is A religion all That fateful? - Oh Please Come Off It - - - All Ye Faithful ! ! !

Common Sense Is all one needs - Not Passė - Shrouded - Man-Made Creeds!
Common Sense? - - - Get off thy perch - Use Everyday wisdom - plus Research!

Bill Davison
Copyright 2007
Bill Davison

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